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  Current and Completed Project Snapshot


Project Status Completion Date Cost to date
New Water Treatment Plant Construction January 2021 $19,982,300.00 (as-bid)
Oliver Street Water Line Replacement Complete September 2019 $94,000
Quisenberry Lane Water System Improvements Construction November 2020 $81,000
Lincoln Street Water and Sanitary Sewer Line Replacements (City) Construction Unknown $200,000 (water and sewer only)
Veterans Memorial Parkway Utility Relocations Design N/A N/A
Project 1107 Water Main Relocation Complete April 2019 $14,042.79 reimbursed by GCF
Fulton Road Sewer Line Relocation Design (City project) N/A N/A
Elevated Pressure Zone #3 Preliminary Design N/A $422,000.00 (estimate)
Flanagan/Madison Street Sanitary Sewer Improvements Design 12-31-23 (CD deadline) $6,200,000
Strodes Creek Solids Facilities Improvements Construction January 2021 $3,473,480.00
North Bloomfield Water Service Upgrades Complete December 2018 $26,998.45
Woodland Drive Water Improvements Complete October 15, 2018 $52,210.21
Hampton Manor Sanitary Sewer Improvements Complete April 19, 2018 $1,288,128.00
Rowland Avenue Sewer Improvements Complete May 2018 $36,351.98
Sylvania Ave. Water Line Replacement Complete May 2020 $130,000